Our Story

We found ourselves eating the same meals each and every week because we lacked the time or energy to think about preparing something new. We never went to the grocery store with a plan as we figured we’d just wing it when we got there. Overwhelmed by all the options we would select the best advertised foods or retreat to a few known staples. Inevitably we would forget items which would result in several more trips or worse, we would come home to realize we already had several units in the fridge.

Eventually, we reviewed our monthly spending and realized that above any other category we were spending the most on groceries. In an effort to reduce our spend, we started on a journey that would help us realize that eating whole ingredients that were offered in season from local suppliers was the key. Eating this way not only cost less, but provided the precious nourishment our bodies need to operate at peak performance.

Our bodies were not meant to eat the same things all year round. Blessed/cursed by a modern supply-chain, grocers are now able to provide regular supply of most things. This doesn’t come without a cost. In order to make the system work, vegetables are harvested early, stored and then transported great distances. As you would imagine, this results in inflated pricing. Meanwhile, there are plenty of in-season options that are available locally. These options are equally nutritious and also happen to have the vitamins, minerals and enzymes are bodies are meant to have at that time of year.

Our Approach

Each week, we curate a list of highly nutritious meals that makes the best of the ingredients available for that season. We’ll share a weekly shopping list so you can go to the grocery store with a plan that will help you buy the healthiest foods for the lowest cost.